Thursday, June 11, 2009

The move to federalism

Friends reporting back from D.C. can't believe the tremendous amount of energy and hope they feel in our nation's capital The old timers say they haven't seen anything like this since the Kennedy days.

This contrasts sharply with the aftermath of the last legislative session in Olympia. Obviously, one big problem is that we can't print money. Massive budget cuts hurt and take all the wind out the sails for policy initiatives.

I believe that enthusiasm and hope are more powerful than the money. When believe they can do something they often find the way to do it. This is probably the key driver of the return to federalism.

But there still may be some hope at our state capital. Several individuals and organizations are starting to take a hard look at tax reform. State Senator Karen Keiser is coordinating with the Obama administration on a state approach to health care reform and we are starting to see some action on green jobs in Washington state.

But for now, the energy, the money and the enthusiasm is in the other Washington

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