Friday, October 23, 2009

Science and the American People

Ok. now I'll tell you what I'm really nervous about. Science and the American people.

A Pew Memorial Trust poll on climate change released yesterday indicated that the percentage of Americans who believe that the climate is warming has fallen dramatically in the past year. Now only 53% believe there is evidence of warming down from 75% a year ago. More importantly, less than 40% believe it is human caused.

This stacks up with other polls that indicate that only a third of of Americans indicated in a CBS News poll believe in natural selection. Pew points out that both of these numbers contrast with polling of scientists who all believe the climate is changing and 84% believe it is human caused.

97% of the scientists surveyed accept the theory of natural selection.

Science and the scientific method is what separates us from superstition and barbarism. This is a problem we need to think about.

Science and the scientific method is perhaps the most

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