Sunday, January 24, 2010

Career Pathways

One of the best investments we can do as we recover from the recession is make investments in the jobs of the future. Green jobs are likely to be the driver of the next wave of economic growth. As we prepare for this wave, we need to think about how this next wave can benefit all of the citizens of our economy. The Green Jobs job ladder at South Seattle Community College provides the kind of career pathway that all or our citizens can benefit from.

Students out of high school or adults seeking new careers can start out with a one year certificate in energy management that can give them employment in good jobs with decent wages. If they stick with it and go back to school in science, math and business organization, they expand their potential by getting an associate degree in building science. Finally, they can continue on and get a Bachelor of Applied Science in Building Management. Building Trades workers in apprenticeship programs or with journeyman status can move up into management positions via the associate and bachelor's programs.

The beauty of this is students can start at the beginning and work their way up over time. The missing piece is the Bachelor's Program in Building Management. Hopefully, the legislature will address this problem this session and help open up career pathways for all of our citizens.

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